Cell Metabolism Article

Glucose was the main energy source for the brain. The decrease in blood glucose was incompatible with the continuity of life. For this, maintaining the blood sugar level was secured by many alternative systems. Increased appetite was one of the main protection mechanisms against hypoglycemia.

Our article, which examines the effect of blood glucose decrease on appetite increase and reveals a new neuronal cycle focusing on the effects of cateloaminergic neurons in Nucleus Tracktus Solitarius on nutrition regulation, was published in the Journal of Cell Metabolism. This article was also 100% impact on the 20 bands from Turkey became one of the rare article. At the same time, this article has revealed that high quality science can be produced in our country when sufficient effort and sacrifice are shown. We would like to thank my teacher Deniz Atasoy, who instilled this vision in us, and all our teammates who contributed to being the Medipol University REMER family who made this dream possible. Best wishes.

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