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Q-Lab focuses on revealing the neural circuits behind a certain function by  using specific neurostimulation techniques such as optogenetics – chemogenetics and recording electrophysiological and behavioral changes.


By combining the questions of clinical experience with the potential of basic science, we develop hypotheses about how the nervous system works.

Scientific Inovation

We try to transform the basic findings and phenomena emerging during the research process into innovative solutions that will make our daily life easier.

Translational Reseachs

By establishing links between life sciences, engineering, social sciences and arts, we develop the courage to say new words about the future.


Our strength comes from that great team, who are smiling at each other, love cats and poetry. Of course, the effort to understand this wonderful universe that surrounds us is part of this.


Q-Lab provides us with an environment where science, art and social life are blended and inspired by these chaotic interactions.

NTS Catecholamine Neurons Mediate Hypoglycemic Hunger

Glucose was the main energy source for the brain. The decrease in blood glucose was incompatible with the continuity of life. For this, maintaining the blood sugar level was secured by many alternative systems. Increased appetite was one of the main protection mechanisms against hypoglycemia.

MCH Dependent Reward and Feeding

Medipol Üniversitesi Rejeneratif ve Restoratif Tıp Araştırmaları Merkezi bünyesinde faaliyet gösteren Elektrofizyoloji ve Davranış Laboratuvarımızda vücudumuzda meydana gelen olayların arkasında yatan sinir ağları inceleniyor.

Metabolism Research Laboratory has been activated

Changing nutrition and living habits with the industrial revolution made metabolic diseases an important global public health problem. Now, compared to a hundred years ago, we provide food more easily, consume more and act less to obtain food.

Q-Lab Social Meeting

Q-lab team got together for dinner. The intensity of new projects and the reward for long work. The team are excited and happy.